Such credit will be granted in an area only if no college work in that area has been taken (enrolled in or attempted). The mission and purpose of general education at Lipscomb University is accomplished by a curriculum that prepares students to engage in the tradition of conversation in the academy through course work in writing and speaking; cultivate curiosity that transcends disciplinary boundaries through multi-disciplinary integrated Explorations course work; think critically and ethically through Foundations course work, multi-disciplinary integrated Explorations course work, and through the Bible curriculum; understand and evaluate ways of knowing by making connections between academic areas through multi-disciplinary integrated Explorations course work; and live in a diverse world with integrity and compassion through Engagement course work that connects world issues to a student’s major academic area. Equivalency credits (such as credit for formal military courses as recommended by the American Council on Education) will be evaluated on their individual merits according to the nature and extent of the experience and the recommending department, institution or accrediting agency. The study of the Bible is integral to a Lipscomb education. In addition, some courses offered in summer and Wintermester are not available at other universities in the Nashville area during these terms. Some programs require other criteria to be met. Application: Since several courses and some programs are delivered in a variety of formats, including distance learning, the driving force for delivering a credit hour commences with identifying learning objectives that can be delivered in the one hour/2/15 formula as noted in the definition. Box 326, Peabody Campus General Studies: K-8 Licensure Program Special Education Interventionist Major. For every 100 applicants, 60 are admitted. It is not generally in the best interest of a student to complete a second bachelor’s degree. In addition, cadets earn a monthly stipend of up to $400 and up to $510 per academic year to pay for textbooks. Total hours required: 50 Student pharmacists need to possess the skills and abilities with or without accommodations that will allow successful fulfillment of the requirements necessary to … * Indicates the course is normally offered in alternate years. Students who do not submit the grant application by the specified deadline are responsible for payment in full of the charges incurred by participation in the dual enrollment program. Academic credit varies by school. Lipscomb recognizes the unique nature of home schooling and welcomes applications from home-schooled graduates. See section entitled “. All students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0, including incomplete grades. (See paragraphs below on each of these areas.) If the appeal is not approved, further class attendance is prohibited and a failing grade will be assigned. Elective credit toward graduation will be granted by Lipscomb University for these courses to a maximum of 20 semester hours for a complete program. A candidate for a degree must have his/her account paid in full before a degree can be granted, including the graduation fee which is paid by all graduating students. (Graduation honors are not applicable to students completing a second bachelor’s degree. Law, Justice and Society, Conflict Management Emphasis, B.S. The ASC is designed to serve the undergraduate student population in the area of academic support and enrichment and assist students in reaching their highest academic potential. For full semester courses, no test or major assignment is to be given within one week of the final examination. They must have completed at least one full-time semester by the beginning of the semester of participation. This may be either for credit or without credit. Repeated courses are counted the same as regular courses in determining maximum student loads and in determining full-time student classification. Service-learning through the SALT program is an academic enterprise in which a service activity acts as a vehicle or “textbook” for understanding an academic concept. Lipscomb University is a Churches of Christ affiliated liberal arts institution in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. A score of 5 is awarded credit at the standard level. Location: Lipscomb University campus and downtown Nashville. Discontinued courses or programs may necessitate substitutions or additions by the academic chair in consultation with the registrar. All credits from Lipscomb University may not be transferable to every educational institution. If the complaint or grievance is related to a specific course or instructor, the matter should be addressed first with the instructor. One summer, typically between the sophomore and junior year, cadets must attend a four-week military training session. Check with the Department of Foreign Languages about CLEP testing, credit and placement. If you do not meet these requirements, our English for Academic Purposes Program can help you learn English. A student may repeat a course for the purpose of improving his/her grade. Regular class attendance is expected of all students enrolled at Lipscomb University. The teacher education program at Lipscomb University utilizes a variety of methods for assuring excellence in teacher preparation. clinical, practicum, internship, etc.) Utilizing faculty and selected staff as academic advisors, the university seeks to support and promote intellectual and personal growth for students in a Christian community. During the summer students can take academic courses in a variety of schedule options, including Maymester (three weeks), Junemester and Julymester (four weeks), Term I and Term II (five weeks) and full term (ten weeks). Explorations areas not met will be satisfied through integrated courses up to two integrated courses. Students who fail to complete other (routine) assignments should not receive incomplete grades but should be assigned letter grades that reflect the quality and quantity of their work completed during the regular semester. NC: No credit; used in EN 0110  and EN 1113 , LU 1103 , and MA 1020  and MA 1030  when the grade is below a “C” and is not computed in student’s average. For information concerning requirements, admission to teacher education and a list of approved programs, contact the College of Education. The hours attempted will be used only once. B: Good, above the average expectation; earns 3 quality points per hour. They must have successfully completed two years of college to apply. Here is a list of where our students have traveled over the last two years and where they are headed next! The general education requirement consists of 19 courses which total 63-64 units. Chemistry-Applied, Mathematics Emphasis, B.A. Secondary education candidates will graduate with a teaching major in the subject area they want to teach. b. Some of the letter grades do not count for credit toward graduation, and some are used in computing the necessary grade-point averages for graduation. In addition, a health form must be submitted before enrolling. Leadership and Personal Development The general education core curriculum is the heart of the Christian liberal arts education at Lipscomb University. Fashion Merchandising Corporate Track, B.S. The following courses refer to the Explorations and Engagements requirements for Lipscomb’s general education program. In order to be recommended for licensure by Lipscomb University a candidate must complete the following requirements and must pass all PRAXIS II exams related to their major area. Your results must be sent to the University directly from the testing service. degree. No candidate will be recommended for a degree without having fulfilled the SALT requirements. English Composition (No. Each letter is in turn assigned a quality-point value according to the list provided below. Academic advisors will be able to advise students on the courses to take in each semester to ensure that their course schedules fit the Three-Year Degree Plan. Students may also satisfy these requirements by taking three hours from this list of approved courses: EN 2113 , EN 2123 , EN 2133 , EN 2143 , EN 2153  or EN 2163 . The three-one program in medicine and medically-related studies applies to students who wish to receive a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree from Lipscomb and to receive professional training in one of the medical professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractics, nursing, veterinary medicine and others where the level of instruction is at the bachelor’s level or higher. Have an official transcript or official letter of good standing sent to Lipscomb from the last institution attended. (Prereqs: LU 1103  and Foundations math and science courses; ACT Math=19, SAT Math = 460, or MA 1020 ) Students will choose one approved integrated course that includes math or science. MS 102. Presidential, Provost, and Bison Scholar Weekend vouchers may be applied in full to Lipscomb University’s Global Study Abroad Programs of 12 hours or more and are prorated for institutional programs of less than 12 hours. Collaboration with local public and private school systems assures that Lipscomb students have practical, hands-on experiences as they acquire knowledge and skills, and study educational theories, current research and sound professional practice. A prospective student who has attended or is currently enrolled in another institution and desires to enroll in a course(s) at Lipscomb must: International students are welcome at Lipscomb. Note: Although there are several ways of earning credit by the non-traditional route (IB, AP, CLEP, Special Examination, Equivalency Credit and correspondence course), credit received from one source may not be duplicated by another. A degree audit tool called myDegreePlan has been created for the student and advisor to run online at myLipscomb to track progress toward graduation. Requirements for majors are listed within the departmental sections of this catalog. 1 (800) 333-4358 In establishing credit for these examinations, attention will be given not only to the score but to the scholastic record of the student, any special merits of the examination paper and perhaps a personal interview. Educational delays may be granted for graduates who desire to pursue advanced degrees prior to entry on active duty. For information concerning academic advising, contact the director of academic advising and support services by calling (615) 966-1400. In addition to the usual registration for credit and regular grade computation, a student may wish under some circumstances to register as an auditor. Lipscomb University is a participant in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway. 4. Innovative Team Leadership Suspended students who miss the deadline for appealing will not be eligible to return that semester. Seaver College faculty will soon consider potential changes to the General Education program. To graduate from Lipscomb University a student must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 overall as well as a 2.0 in the major and a 2.0 in the minor (if applicable). Curricular details of any specific student’s major must be finalized under the direction of the particular office or department to which that major has been assigned. It may be possible to transfer credit for SALT experiences.
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