Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris are off praying with the other condemned prisoners, which is unsettling to Danforth and Hathorne. Languages. Marry accuses John being with the devil. The Crucible Acts 3 and 4 51 Terms. Elizabeth gets John to admit to witchcraft. 13. Other. Let's do a quick recap of the events of Act 4, the frustrating conclusion of The Crucible: In Miller's short afterward, entitled "Echoes Down the Corridor," he states that Parris was soon voted out of office, and the families of the victims of the witch trials were later provided with compensation by the government. This quote provides deeper insight into Danforth's character and state of mind. Act 3 and 4 The Crucible. He'd rather die with dignity than live in shame, and she respects his choice. Proctor tears up his confession. Paris had seen both Betty and his neice Abigail dancing in the forest with his slave Tituba. To the most devout people (like Rebecca Nurse) in such a highly religious culture, lying about involvement with the Devil might be considered worse than death. How are the citizens of Salem and their governing officials dealing with the fallout from the trials? In History. Every person brought in by the trials and convicted must receive an equally harsh punishment, or Danforth's reputation will be decimated. John Proctor's concern for his reputation also plays a role in the events of Act 4. erintarver. The group included his teenage niece, Abigail Williams, and his slave, Tituba. Danforth orders the hangings to commence. Barkerl13. Math. Hale's argument is less than convincing to people who have spent their whole lives in service to God and don't intend to compromise such an excellent record. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." John Proctor sits down to dinner with his wife, Elizabeth. When the court wants to post his admittance and signature on the church door, John rips it up. Though Rebecca Nurse's involvement has already been corroborated by other confessors, Danforth demands to hear it from John. Abigail and Betty yell off names of people who were in touch with the devil. (pg. A ragged John Proctor is escorted in by Marshal Herrick, and he and Elizabeth are left alone. He feels that he can't postpone the hangings now because he may be seen as weak and indecisive. He finally does so, but then he snatches the signed paper away. 12. - 2 - THE CRUCIBLE ACTIVITY PACKET OVERVIEW. The Salem Witch Trials, its upbringing, and its ultimate end. 19. Danforth and Hathorne immediately criticize him for letting Hale speak with the prisoners.Parris says Hale is trying to persuade the prisoners to return to God and save their lives by confessing. Once they leave, Danforth, Hathorne, and Cheever enter the cell, and Herrick returns to join their meeting. Hale manages to persuade Danforth to accept this and allow John to sign the confession as-is. Have the Devil dried up any tear of pity in you?" He advises that they postpone the hangings and continue pushing for confessions, but Danforth refuses because it would make him look bad. Danforth is surprised, but he welcomes this news. Elizabeth tells John that he has to make his own choice on whether or not to confess. Read this list of the most important quotes in The Crucible, cataloged by theme. The judges cannot force her to commit herself to a lie, and her sacrifice will deal a serious blow to their legitimacy. Jun 10, 1692. "The Crucible" has been adapted for the screen twice. 10 terms. She agrees to speak with her husband, but she doesn't promise to persuade him to confess. Hale is a disillusioned shell of the man he was at the beginning of the play. The Crucible is a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller. In all the troubled history of Salem, was there ever an event like this? Hathorne doesn't buy into the idea that a rebellion is fomenting in Salem because the town has been supportive of the executions so far. “The Crucible” is a story which centers around many conflicts. Draw parallels between McCarthyism and the events of The Crucible. John begins to confess, but he falters when Rebecca Nurse is led into the cell and expresses her disappointment. This might seem strange to us today (obviously you should just lie to avoid being executed! He feels his soul beyond saving, so he should stop acting all virtuous and just confess. He tears up the confession and decides he will go to his death rather than permanently ruin his reputation and sacrifice the only integrity he has left. She can see that he has achieved freedom from his own self-loathing through this final truthful act. Act 4 Proctor refuses to allow him to nail the paper with his name on the church door and, after arguing with the magistrates, tears the confession in two and renounces it. Marshal Herrick enters with a lantern, nearly drunk, and wakes up Sarah Good. The Crucible: Townspeople are not willing to stand up to the court for fear of being accused of being a witch. Get the latest articles and test prep tips! This timeline will help guide you through Act 3 in The Crucible. John and Rebecca Nurse are led to the gallows to be executed. Tituba feels that the Devil is provoked into mischief by the hypocrisy of the citizens of Salem. Hale warns that the officials are courting rebellion. The Crucible: Arthur Miller wrote it. Now they're about to hang Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor, people who are still well-liked and respected in the community. Jan 5, 1692. They are excited to get rid of the innocent people in order to save their reputations. "Oh, it be no Hell in Barbados. Marry testifies she made the poppet, then the girls turn on her. The Crucible Acts 3 and 4 30 Terms. Meanwhile, John Proctor continues to feel guilty for his affair and the role it has played in putting both he and his wife in mortal peril. He goes to the gallows instead of providing a false confession because he realizes his life won't be worth living if he publicly disgraces himself in this way: "How may I live without my name? Abigail admits to him that they were just frightened because they were caught by the minister dancing in the forest the night before, and Betty will recover soon enough. marcogarcia75. He wrote it during the "Red Scare" of the 1950s and used the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for the "witch hunts" of communists in America. 122)). 10 terms. Fahrenheit 451 Part 2 Study Guide 73 Terms. Cause and Effect 8 Terms. This is an example of tragic irony because Danforth has been trading people's lives for lies this whole time. Rumors have it that Abigail became a prostitute in Boston, Latin America Independence process timeline, Библиотечное дело на Дону в первые годы советской власти (1917—1920 гг.). John begins to confess, but he falters when he is ordered to sign his name to the confession and learns that it will be displayed publicly. The Crucible Themes 'The Crucible' Characters. It's you folks - you riles him up 'round here; it be too cold 'round here for that Old Boy. Elizabeth refuses; she realizes that this is what John needs to do. how he is externally, is less important than how he is internally). Proctor again replies in the negative. Herrick ushers them out of the cell as Tituba calls to the Devil to take her home. Later in Act 4, Danforth becomes angry at the implication that John's confession may not be the truth. He begs Danforth to pardon the prisoners or at least give him more time to bring them around. He snatches the signed paper away at the last minute and rips it to shreds, thus sealing his fate. 121). Draw parallels between McCarthyism and the events of The Crucible. Parris finally enters the cell, looking haggard. Rebecca Nurse and John are then led off to the gallows by Marshal Herrick. Both Parris and Hale beg Danforth to either pardon the prisoners or postpone the hangings until confessions are obtained because Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor still have such good reputations, and their executions could cause an uprising. John balks at actually signing his name to the confession. She says that they will be going to Barbados as soon as the Devil arrives. Goodman Proctor and Abigail. He claims that in the aftermath of the trials, "the power of theocracy in Massachusetts was broken." What are the reasons Danforth does not relent? He says "I am not empowered to trade your life for a lie" (Danforth pg.
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