Somehow he’d managed to cross the buttons, so Sophie had to wrestle with the threading to unbutton it. Biana. Keefe: "I'm thankful for me, my amazing hair and awesome good looks-" *winks at Foster* "- Foster, Mrs. Stinkbottom, fidget spinners, and Jacob Sartorius, because he's awesome." Technopath. Shannon Messenger (Goodreads Author) 4.63 avg rating — 11,616 ratings. Family pics: The Fosters-The Ruewens-The Vackers- The Sencens- The Dizznees- Alicorn family uwu- @-miink- Mostly my mother's. They went out the door. 10 Questions - Developed by: Hamsterz - Developed on: 2019-05-14 - 2,501 taken - 3 people like it How well do you really know Keeper of the Lost Cities? 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Student at Foxfire Keefe sat down and put his head against it. It was true, his hair wasn’t styled. Linh. I have a much more...girly scream...” Dang. What is you favorite color? Now, you’d better have a good reason for squealing like a baby, or Mrs. Stinkbottom is going to suffer.” Keefe rolled his eyes, and hoped she didn’t see as he hid Mrs. Stinkbottom protectively under the sheets, “It … Sophie glanced at Keefe worriedly. Sir Astin ♦ Lady Galvin ♦ Lady Iskra ♦ Lady Belva ♦ Sir Conley ♦ Lady Alexine ♦ Sir Donwell ♦ Sir Rosings ♦ Sir Harding ♦ Lady Veda ♦ Lady Anwen ♦ Sir Beckett ♦ Sir Caton ♦ Lady Dara ♦ Lady Evera ♦ Sir Faxon ♦ Lady Nissa ♦ Lady Zillah ♦ Lady Sanja ♦ Coach Rohana ♦ Coach Bora ♦ Coach Wilda, Other who is vespera kotlc. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; kotlc-fandom-weirdo1 liked this . But I discovered this. Ultimate KOTLC Character quiz Stats. Filter by post type. Impossible (KOTLC Sokeefe Human au) Fanfiction. Keefe loves to cause chaos and annoy others, especially with pranks. Sorry if it's worse in quality, and really sorry for the long wait again. Black wings, green eyes, and gray fur 11. Or prank Wonderboy with Dex and Keefe? Sophie cleared her throat, trying not to shudder as she recalled the threatening request the Neverseen had given her, “, can I talk to you...” she glanced at the sceptical bodyguards, “alone?”, As Keefe raised an eyebrow, Ro grinned. I’m KOTLC Stories also known as Strikestar18 on Wattpad and Amino and kotlcstories on Instagram! Other “She’s always waiting for me, I was just trying to be fashionably late. It was beautiful. 1. And why are you staring at the wall like it just threatened to eat all of your Custard Bursts?”. Little is known about Maruca, except that she is Wylie's second cousin and she is currently Stina's friend, as well as Linh's. Honestly I was going to burn it anyway but...”, “No, for...for dragging you into this. Important Information Will you plan epic pranks with Keefe or wear lots of frilly dresses with Biana? Mrs. Stinkbottom-Mr. Snuggles- @Racoonbun Silveny- @Racoonbun Iggy- @Racoonbun Sandor-Ro- @SkatterTwin2. What are the names of Dex’s siblings? I've already done Keefe, Sophie, and Tam. Sophie giggled, and propped herself up with her arm. In Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Maruca reveals to Stina Biana's secret about Alden forcing Biana to be Sophie's friend. A pair of beautiful, teal eyes" "What has she done? Kotlc fan (Guest): Thank you! As in, way more than I should be. What is Iggy’s original color? Save. Telepath. The word “jolie” means “pretty” or even “beautiful” in French. KOTLC One-Shots {mostly Foster-Keefe} by outer-space-ace. My KOTLC blog. Cary: OK, so today we'll be reacting on stuffed toys! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. You're smart, loyal,“ he smirked, “Stubborn. She‘d always worry about Keefe. 90% of KOTLC Sophie: hey guys is this a good idea? "Mrs. Stinkbottom would like me to inform you that she is always nice, especially to magnificent people like me and you." Me. Me: Okay! She couldn’t stop her laughter as his pants — which could probably fit at least two and a half Keefes — nearly fell down. Keeper of the Lost Cities is an award-winning book series by Shannon Messenger aimed for children ages 8-12. Right. I Thought I Was Going To Die. Darling01 (Guest): WOW. Dark colors. Calla ♦ Barth the Reaper ♦ Brier ♦ Lur ♦ Mitya ♦ Sior ♦ Gora ♦ Gerda ♦ Yuri ♦ Amisi, Dwarves (Category) Mrs. Stinkbottom; Ms. Glitterbutt. “I’m just saying it makes no sense,” Keefe was saying, “why do humans park on driveways but drive on parkways?”, Sophie smiled as she listened to Ro’s groan, “Seriously, we are not still talking about this.”, “Why not? King Enki ♦ Ermete ♦ Irja ♦ Krikor ♦ Kun ♦ Yegor, Bullhorn ♦ Iggy ♦ Marty ♦ Sprocket ♦ Watson ♦ The Verminion ♦ Verdi ♦ Silveny ♦ Greyfell ♦ Luna ♦ Wynn ♦ Gildie ♦ Linh's Murcat Not just this, everything. She’d gotten the letter late last night and hailed Keefe almost immediately using the excuse of “I need help with my homework” when really she’d received a letter from the Neverseen. Amy Rose Foster ♦ Emma Iris Foster ♦ William David Foster ♦ Connor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman He hugged Mrs. Stinkbottom tightly. Level Four You should watch your back, because I hear Mrs. Stinkbottom has some epic pranks up her sleeves. 5 years old 9. Assign HW. What are the names of Dex’s siblings? Name at least one of Iggy’s color changes. Tam. Mr. Sweeney ♦ Bethany Lopez ♦ Eleanor Wright ♦ Ethan Benedict Wright II ♦ Garwin Chang, Goblins (Category) Maybe I've already found her.. And that's it for this chapter! Elwin is known for giving his patients stuffed animals to cheer them up. 3:21 p.m. bunny-cakes left a comment 2:30 p.m. pangoIin left a comment 11:53 a.m. stinky08 accepted an invitation from loyaltea to curate this studio 9:45 a.m. He always tried not to act too proud of the fact that his paintings were on the wall, but his stupid heart always felt light as he saw the one of him and Sophie right above her bed. Foster (Freeman) Family I don't know… you'll have to ask Mrs. Stinkbottom. “Oh, looks like things are getting juicy!”. - opens the door to a wonderful new world. Sophie blinked, tearing her eyes away to find a very miserable looking Keefe. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. She'd had her chance, and she blew it" "Blurry, fractured memories swam through Sophie's brain" And finally, which one of these is another of Mr. Forkle's identities? You know it’s going to be a trap.”, Sophie reached for an eyelash, “Yeah....but I think it’s important. Black with a blue streak Conjurer. Chat. Grady would probably just be jealous that I look better in his clothes then he does. Black wings, green eyes, and gray fur 11. “For the record, I told him to knock.” She said before popping on Sophie’s bed with a loud THUNK. They're amazing. Shade. “I’ve been waiting for you to notice that you’re still wearing pajamas...and that we’re not at your little girlfriends house. of course, she will always bring in Mrs Stinkbottom too and place her by Keefe’s side; ... Kotlc au where everything is the same except Keefe is Tom from Parks and Rec. If she’d learned anything in the past few years, it would be that she had to trust all her friends, and keeping secrets wouldn’t help anyone. A. Rex, Bex, and Lex 12. as Edaline tilted her head slightly, “I thought you were meeting Sophie, she’s waiting for you.". Maruca thought that she knew who her friends were—but then Biana had to go and get too busy with Sophie Foster to hang out anymore. Grid View List View. Edit. Psionipath Personally I’d dye my hair green, but pink‘s good too, you know.”, Cassius turned to face Keefe, his fists and eyes shaking with anger, “Keefe Sencen, I swear I will-“, Cassius and Keefe trailed off when they realized Ro was laughing, wiping her eyes as if she’d been crying. Then Elwin and Sophie gave Keefe a stuffed green gulon, which Elwin had named Mrs. Stinkbottom—and now both boys were as attached to their sleeping buddies as Sophie was to her Ella. Stupid shoes, it wasn’t his fault Grady’s feet were immensely large. “It’s not that. . Then again, I don’t see how strangling me with a spoon is possible...”, Sophie bit her lip. Bun-Bun ♦ Ella the Elephant ♦ Harry the Jackalope ♦ Lady Sassyfur ♦ Mr. Snuggles ♦ Mrs. Stinkbottom ♦ Stinky the Stegosaurus. Play Live Live. Kotlc love Square dumb math joke sokeefe sofitz keeper of the lost cities shannon messanger flashback exile everblaze matchmakers neverseen nightfall sophie foster keefe fitz vacker dex biana tam song linh song. Share. Who is Foxfire's physician? Dex. Dex. I’ve been thinking about names in KOTLC a lot. Posts; Ask me anything; Archive; Lady Gisela and Sophie on Keefe . Age Don’t you ogres like...practice gutting out people all night or something?”, Ro grinned smugly, “Maybe I do. She just wished she could inflict on herself. We talk about all kinds of different things, mostly Kotlc though. She is known for playing Sally Draper on the AMC series Mad Men (2007), B. D. Hyman in the FX anthology series Feud: Bette and Joan (2017), and voicing Jinora in the Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) spin-off, The Legend of Korra (2012). Me on the other hand...well, let’s just say I probably won the award for the worst decisions and life choices.”, “Hey, it’s okay. Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who Disappeared ♦ Brant ♦ Fintan Pyren ♦ Gethen ♦ Jolie Lucine Ruewen ♦ Lady Gisela ♦ Ruy Ignis ♦ Trix ♦ Umber ♦ Vespera, Important Bodyguards “Well I wouldn’t have to if you would stop acting like I’m made of trash!” He regretted the words right after he said them and hurriedly snatched his imparter, saying, “I have to go, Foster asked if I would meet her at her house.”. So… go check those out if you have some spare time! I grab a pair of pajamas, some clothes for tomorrow, and Mrs. Stinkbottom. She scoffed. All posts. Fitz: "I would say that I hated everything you just said, but I don't hate Sophie." Stina Heks ♦ Jensi Babblos ♦ Maruca ♦ Dempsey ♦ Valin ♦ Lex ♦ Rex ♦ Bex ♦ Damel Kafuta ♦ Shayda Adel ♦ Trella ♦ Audric ♦ Huxley, Mentors “ Keefe, these are drugged! “He’s here...” Sandor muttered, adjusting his grip on his sword carefully, “and if he even tries mentioning my love life I will personally wack him on the head so hard that-“, Sophie giggled, “Your love life is pretty adorable though.”, “Yeah, because your love life isn’t complicated at all.”. I was speechless. It is not to be edited anymore unless specified otherwise. Only Keefe and us kotlc fans can decipher this becuase everyone else is appparently oblivious to or alergic to acknowledging feelings. “What is it?” she demanded, staring around the room like a band of blood-thirsty psychopaths would pop out and attack her. Pink, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow 10. Hair Color Maruca interacted with Wylie often as a young child. Fitz: *shrugs and tosses Mr Snuggles in the air, giggling when he comes back down* Cary: Dude, you are a child at heart. "Havenfield?" 5 years old 9. A. There's a bunch of different KEEPER channels for things like spoilers, theories, aus, shipping, head canons, you name it. Sophie scrambled back from the door, pretending to be feeding Iggy as Ro waltzed into the room. The name “Ruewen” sounds like two words: “ruin” and “rueing” (which means “regretting”). "Eyes. -miink-added the project kotlc collab wip! Female She blushes. KOTLC character Keefe quiz DRAFT. Sophie put a finger to her mouth and pulled a plate of ripplepuffs, and set them on the table. And then Stina had to go and blab a bunch of things she’d told her in confidence and make a big mess. Sophie twiddled with her glove anxiously, fighting the urge of pulling out a loose eyelash. Ranked #1 in Sokeefe as of March 10, 2020 Sophie is having a normal human life at her private high school, Foxfire, except for one thing... she doesn't have any friends. She’d thought of hailing Fitz, but she had a feeling Keefe would understand better. He gave Mr. Snuggles to Fitz, Mrs. Stinkbottom to Keefe, and Lady Sassyfur to Biana. Popular Quizzes Today. Audio. Who do you belong with? Job Discovering more than they came for, they team up with our heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir to (hopefully) take down Hawkmoth. Thank goodness for her family—her family is awesome. anonymous asked: Do you all still have your stuffed animals? 1. After Biana began hanging out with Sophie in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, she spills a lot of Biana's secrets to Stina. In … Keefe: She's quite literal about the laso part. 26 notes . Keeper Of The Lost Cities throw pillows, cushions, shower curtains, bath mats, blankets, duvets, doonas, wall tapestries, acrylic blocks, ceramic mugs, insulated travel mugs, coasters, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, magnets, and more. Mrs. Stinkbottom; Ms. Glitterbutt. 1. Miraculous Ladybug x KotLC Crossover Fanfiction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Della and Alden (KOTLC) 23 1 0. by BianaNeedsMoreCredit. Mrs. Stinkbottom-Mr. Snuggles- @Racoonbun Silveny- @Racoonbun Iggy- @Racoonbun Sandor-Ro- @SkatterTwin2. Cary: I know!I just tried to think of something totally random, and this popped up in my head! Stuffed Animals keeper of the lost cities bff quiz. 1 Where does Fitz first find Sophie? Sweet Dreams Biana Asks Annoying Questions Don't Play Base Quest With Dex - You'll Lose Wake Up, Brain. Her lips are fuchsia in color. “The point is,” Keefe said, his mischevious grin telling Sophie the whole human conversation was far from over, “That you don't have to worry about me, okay? Most popular Most recent. King Dimitar ♦ Queen Gundula ♦ Cadfael, Gnomes (Category) WELCOME TO THE FUN FANDOM KOTLC WIKI FOUNDED • March 17, 2018 If you like fun, this is the place for you! Sophie. What are the first words of the first book in kotlc? #adrien #adrienagreste #adrinette #agreste #chatnoir #dupaincheng #kotlc #ladybug #marinette #marinettedupaincheng #miraculousladybug #sokeefe. Keeper of the Lost Cities — 90% of KOTLC. I’m obviously better looking.”. ARE YOU CRAZY! A. Fitz: Mr. Snuggles and Keefe: Mrs. Stinkbottom 8 How old was Sophie when she manifested her telepath powers?